What is Animoto?

Unlimited videos for you and your students. Must apply for an educational account.

Click here to watch a tutorial created by Bentley Service Learning Students.

How to give your students access to your classroom account:
You can set up your students' dummy accounts by registering an e-mail address at The "dummy" account trick does't work with most other e-mail domains.

Once you have that original e-mail address registered at, you can then register for your students at the site by entering the following e-mail addresses in the registration form. Please make sure you are registering your students using the Classroom Code Link provided for you. If you don't, then the students won't have All-Access.

For example, you'd register the following e-mail addresses at Animoto:

All activity at our website under these accounts will be sent to your original, derivative e-mail (i.e. This way, you'll be able to give each student a unique Animoto account, while also being able to monitor their account's activity.

If you have any other questions, you may contact Animoto at, or you can check out: