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Waltham Public Schools now has Google Apps for Education and all teachers, administrators and 6-12 grade students have usernames and passwords. The list of usernames and passwords are in a folder on the curriculum and assessment server: .

Contact Help if you cannot find your username or a student's username.

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Tech Tips Newsletter

December 3, 2009
Editor: Karen Franker

An e-newsletter brought to you by University of Wisconsin-Stout School of Education.
In this issue...

1. Google Docs: Best Tips and Resources for the Classroom
2. Tech Tip: Convert Multiple Microsoft Office Files to PDF in Google Docs
3. UW-Stout Online Course Spotlight
Differentiation in the Classroom
4. Final Call for Courses Beginning on January 11

Getting Started With Google Docs in the Classroom
The ProfHacker staff shares their positive experience and lessons learned when using Google Docs in a college-level Introductory writing class.

Google Docs: An Educator’s View
English teacher Sandy Scragg explains how using Google Docs has positively impacted her work with colleagues and students, especially in the revision process.

Introducing Google Docs To the Class
Tom Barrett describes his first use of Google Docs’ spreadsheet feature in the classroom, and provides a useful checklist for educators to consult before introducing Google Docs to students.

Google Docs FAQs
The webmaster at Rockland Community College (SUNY) provides answers to common questions about using Google Docs.

100 Great Google Docs Tips For Students & Educators
Accredited Online Colleges provides a handy list of Google Docs keyboard shortcuts, as well as tips on presentations, folders, synchronization and timesaving productivity shortcuts.

Google Docs Adds Shared Folders For Easier Collaboration
Adam C. Engst reviews the pros and cons of Google Docs’ new shared folders feature.

Template Gallery
The Google site provides a searchable list of over a thousand pre-made Google Docs templates on a variety of topics.

Tech Tip: Convert Multiple Microsoft Office Files to PDF in Google Docs
It is now possible to simultaneously convert multiple Microsoft Office files to PDF format in Google Docs with just three steps.

Examples of using in the middle schools

Writing to Our Next President - How to Introduce Google Docs to Students

Example of a "Start Page"

Suggestions for Teachers

Here is a link about the kinds of documents that you can have in Google docs.
Here is a link to learn about sharing Google docs.

Here is a tutorial for Google Spreadsheet that has been created by a Bentley student.

Here is a Microsoft Excel example created by Bentley students that models after the 7th Grade "Counting Calories" project.
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