What it is Jing?

Use Jing to capture anything you see on your computer screen and share it instantly...as an image or short movie.
Jing Tutorials (25 minutes in length; 14 topics that can be viewed separately.)
Free version vs. Pro version ($14.95 per year)

How to connect to Jing

At school:
Contact the Help Desk to download to school computers.
At home:

Examples of using Jing (or a different screencast tools)

6th Grade Math by Eric Marcos -- see also the Math Train Story (YouTube)

Using Windows 7 with a Touch Screen monitor to write (similar to what Mr. Marco's students have done).

Searching the OPAC by Mary Kenslea (Whittemore Library Teacher) Note: this version of OPAC is no longer used.
Destiny 10 Year Report
by Betty Rots Wisman (former WHS library para)

Destiny - How to Search for a Book by Katherine Steiger (practicum student in WHS)
Destiny - How to hold/review/recommend by Katherine Steiger (practicum student in WHS)

Suggestions for teachers

Teaching with Jing
Use Jing in Language classrooms by Russell Stannard (30 minutes in length; 11 ideas that can be viewed separately.)

Other Screencasting Tools

Screener web based
Screentoaster- web based service (no installation/no download) requires at all. Press options-S to record and option-S to stop the recoding; your screen shot automatically will be uploaded (flash video) and you can publish it. Screentoaster training video by Russell Stannard
Screencast-o-maticweb based service with audio plus video functionality (ScreenToaster doesn't); browser based; java not required

Further Reading:

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Tutorial created by Bentley Service Learning Students.