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from McDevitt Library

Elementary Examples:
Gr 2 March Wind Poems
Gr 5 Science Comics

from Plympton Library:
All about me
Solar System Gr 3


Do I have to save the file? No it automatically saves.

How can I manage the font size? Drag on the edge of the zebra (blue, stripped circle)

How can I turn documents on my hard drive into a Prezi?
..also a teacher and ITS did similar saving doc as a jpeg.

What is the best way to use Prezi with students? Consider having a school account, using an old formatted e-mail name (e.g. and identify First Name as your school, e.g. Plympton; Last Name: school and a password that you would be willing to share (e.g. I also use library).

Can more than 1 user be working on a Prezi at the same time? You can have up to 10 people on 1 Prezi! Click here. Stay in touch with your ITS - they will be collaborating with teachers and each other - so they will start to uncover the best practices.

See also Prezi manual.

What is the file size to upload in a Prezi? The maximum upload size for files is 50 MB per file.

Is there a timer for Prezi? There is an autoplay function. See autoplay.

What is the difference between Prezi and Powerpoint? Check this out.