What it is School Tube?

SchoolTube - a website for K-12 schools that blocks out inappropriate content through an innovative Chain of Accountability process. Videos and pictures are student produced and moderator approved, thus producing a pure and refreshing site that is appropriate for school use. See also: http://www2.schooltube.com/Educators.aspx

How to use SchoolTube

Sandra Roby has been in touch with SchoolTube to request that each school is registered in School Tube and that Library Teachers and Instructional Technology Specialists be moderators. I am also told that additional teachers could become moderators.

Examples of using in the middle schools -

If you go to http://www.schooltube.com/ and select Find School and type in McDevitt, you can then find the McDevitt School and videos that have been uploaded!

High School examples


Suggestions for Teachers

You Tube suggestions:
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