What it is ePals?

A global community of connected classrooms - take a tour
• a social learning network
• has built (free) collaborative tools (email, blogs, forums, etc. )

• mentoring and literacy projects

Each month 1500 new school profiles are added. Click here for the ePal's school district directory.

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How to connect to ePals


Update: Sandra Roby has been in touch with Julie Martin 877-718-6856 X140. As the administrator, Sandra needs to upload teacher names to ePals, Then student names will be uploaded for the teacher.

Administrator Username: walthamps admin@epals.com

Once the users accounts have been created, they can log in to their accounts from www.epals.com

Administrator's Manual
[[#mce_temp_url#|Teacher's Guide]] (do not print!)

Free and unlimited access to email support team between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday whom can be reached at smsupport@epalscorp.com.

Student Guide
Update 9/2010

The ePals Customer Implementation team will assist us with the activation of our ePals SchoolMail accounts. Contact smsupport@epalscorp.com and they will forward the information required to create the accounts.

ePals SchoolMail for classrooms provide:
  • Monitored Mail for teachers and students
  • Instant Language Translation
  • Virus Checking
  • Anti-Spam Filters
  • Spell-Checker

Join http://www.epals.com/join/email_capture

Terms of Use http://www.epals.com/groups/about/pages/terms-of-use.aspx

Find other classrooms: http://www.epals.com/groups/about/pages/classroom-match.aspx

Examples of using ePals in middle schools:

Examples of ePals blogs:
Science Club http://sites.epals.com/scienceclub/ AZ
6th Grade Literacy http://sites.epals.com/nms6/ (brand new - not set up yet...) CT
7th Grade Literacy http://sites.epals.com/nms/ CT
8th Grade Literacy http://sites.epals.com/nms8/ CT
Bookblog http://sites.epals.com/smslibrary/ CT
Around the World in 80 days http://sites.epals.com/whitin/ MA
The Roman Empire http://sites.epals.com/English6/
Reading Journals Online http://sites.epals.com/raypecrice/ MI
Science Blog http://sites.epals.com/rpsd_dieker/ MI
Class Bog http://sites.epals.com/reynoldsblog/
Ancient Egypt http://sites.epals.com/6Ptech/
Science Blog http://sites.epals.com/caedmonscience/ NY
History Rocks http://sites.epals.com/7Kss/ NY
Henry Hudson's Journey through the eyes of Robert Juet http://sites.epals.com/henryhudson/ NY
Home of Future Seventh Graders http://sites.epals.com/explorer/
Freshwater - A drop in the Bucket http://sites.epals.com/waterways/ one of the more developed blogs
Science Blog http://sites.epals.com/centerscience6/

example of a private blog in ePals http://sites.epals.com/watkinsphysics/

Suggestions for teachers -

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Further Reading:

Contact: Rita Oates VP of Education Markets roates@corp.epals.com